About Me

unnamedHi. I’m currently a grad student pursuing my doctoral degree in Industrial Engineering at North Carolina State University. My primary research interests are in the fields of Health-care Operations Research, Social Network Analysis and Mathematical Programming. My primary direction of research at this moment involves using queuing theory and Markov decision processes in order to optimally allocate resources in a health-care setting. In the past, I┬ástudied the sequential stochastic assignment problems, which include optimizing a trade-off between the well known modeling frameworks of exploration vs exploitation. Moreover, I’ve worked on the application of social network analysis concepts for use in various fields including the military and health-care. Essentially, these works focused on modeling real-world systems akin to social networks by building on the premise that autonomous, multi-agent systems can be modeled as an instantiation of a complex social network.

Institutional Affiliations


  • North Carolina State University (Currently pursuing PhD)


  • University at Buffalo (Master’s)
  • Mathematical Modeling and Optimization Institute | University of Florida (Summer Research Assistant)
  • Clemson University (Summer Research Assistant)
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (Bachelor’s)


I enjoy reading quite a lot and if given a choice, I’d spend all my time locked up inside a library (or on the tennis court). I am also a huge fan of Formula 1 and believe that it is the most technically advanced sport in the world. Do check out my blog on F1 here

I also maintain a blog regarding research areas that I am generally interested in and to give an idea to the general public what these topics are all about. Do check it out here

Finally, if you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to send me an email at snambia <at> ncsu <dot> edu